Rescue Journal

busy bees

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2017

besides dealing with the losses of gulliver, salty and mickey..other things have been going on.
harry and violet had their vet visits, both are booked for surgery over the next couple of weeks. violet to have a full mouth extractions, her mouth is one of the grossest our vets have ever seen. and harry's kidney values were not too horrible so with good IV support, mr. "humpy everyone" is going to have his neuter before he drives us all insane.

the rockstar is booked in for his dental soon too. he is super cute but a bit of a Tasmanian devil too so everyone will probably enjoy the peace and quiet for the day he is gone.

olivia had her surgery, she has quite a long incision from having that mass removed. she looked like crap when she got home last evening, hopefully she will feel better soon.

big thanks to erin and anne for staying late last night to get everyone settled for bed after all of the late afternoon vet pick ups.

hope the bunny had a vet visit for an abscess. she was put on antibiotics to cover her until she could have surgery. luckily the abscess blew up yesterday and i think i managed to get it mostly drained and then flushed out so maybe she won't need surgery after all...i guess we will see.

we are still trying various med and dietary combo's to deal with maisies' diarrhea..maybe making some headway..maybe not..can't quite decide yet.

i am back to work after not so restful days off and being back is causing more swelling of my leg and foot so i am not supremely happy about that. its been 2 weeks which is long enough, it ought to be better by now. i believe that injuries should be time limited not dragging on and on for no reason at all.

also back to slogging thru resumes, we need to get our staffing levels back up to normal. i truly hate hiring is so much time and effort to find the right fit.

tough days still but we are managing....while remaining hopeful and looking forward to more peaceful and less stressful days.

bees might like to be busy...but they like not so busy occasionally too.

all of us want a break from busy...boring is looking pretty damn good.



stella is better brenda..she is able to walk on her own, just needs help getting up.

Brenda Mc is Stella doing?...been thinking of her.
Poor Violet, must be awful to have a mouth full of pain. She's a cutie; so glad she is booked for surgery soon.
and Maisie...such a beautiful girl,...her eyes pull you into her heart...hope you're on the right track re her diarrhea.
Oh, and shouldn't you get your leg checked out?