Rescue Journal

you probably didn't want to read all that...

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2017

bet you are more interested in the animals so...

sailor bob is finally cleared for his neuter surgery..thank gawd! no more stinking tom cat odor!
(i was accepting it, but it was still gross!)

still not sure why maisie can't seem to shake her diarrhea, next step i guess is ultrasound of her belly.

lovey is settling in nicely and so is maximillan.

new dog coming in at the end of the week, a transfer from another shelter. we will introduce her when she gets here.

without gulliver and salty..the kitchen still feels empty.

i finally hired a couple of more staff so once trained and up to speed, things should get easier in the next few weeks.
which means things will get even better for the animals too..not that they have suffered much...unlike the rest of us who have suffered GREATLY!.

i think i am going to do up a "caution" document to share with the volunteers and staff.
it will be things like get out of the way if dixie, emily or chevy have the zoomies cuz they will run over you.
and don't piss off diesel or he will eat you...wear good shoes near oscar the grouch so when he bites your feet, it won't hurt out for phoenix and daisy when they are in the yards because they are reactive freaks, and keep out of brad's pen or you might lose a limb...

you know...basic broken animal safety stuff spelled out perfectly blunt and clear.
better safe than sorry...

gotta love all of our animals..but don't gotta trust all of them!



Amen to getting out of the way when the cows/horses have zoomies! Its pretty fun to watch on the other side of the fence and quite the adrenaline rush when you're in the pen and have to hop a gate to get out of their way!!! Love those guys <3