Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2017

harry went in for his neuter today..he had a hard time shaking the sedation so will be spending the night, i will pick him up sometime tomorrow morning.

oscar the grouch went in for his sedation, shave down and ear cleaning. it looks like he may have "dry eye" which is pretty standard for these little hairy buggy eyed breeds. the problem is of course that oscar is virtually untreatable because he is so violently uncooperative and mean. we can't even change his collar without him flipping his lid..not sure how we are supposed to get several times a day eye drops in.
i asked dave one of our vets how uncomfortable is dry eye? he said dump a bunch of sand in my eyes and call him in the morning to let him know. hmmm..doesn't sound very comfortable!
soooo..i am thinking how to get eye drops into a crazy meanie 10 pound beast. i know i can't muzzle him, lost that battle a while ago. i know i can't restrain his head without getting bitten cuz i lost that round several times too. wrapping him in blankets but keeping his eyes accessible means still dealing with his teeth.
sigh..i am thinking i could grab him by the tail and dunk his head in a bucket of water to moisturize his eyes a few times a day but that wouldn't be very nice and moisturizing his eyes with plain water probably wouldn't work anyway.
oscar, oh oscar..why do you have to be such a biting pain in the ass?
oh well..i am thinking on a solution..the vet jokingly suggested a squirt gun...i wonder.... how good is my aim?

new dog in..ella is a nice but not so nice dog so don't anyone try to touch her til we figure her out. i will try to get to know her better this weekend so we can see who we have and what she needs.

oreo had his shave down and his last ear treatment too. he also had to be fully sedated for that because he is about as nice and cooperative as you know who!

damn grouchy dogs.


Carol A.

Our littlest, Daisy, is a wriggly thing, was a biter (had to have her last teeth pulled), but not a good one for heads either. (Shih Tzu) has bad dry eye.
Funny thing is though, after the first few days with eye drops, she is very very good for them.... still really bad for clipping, and ears, but wow! what a difference for her eyes - mind you yummy treats help. And I am working on clicker training.

Not saying it will make that big a difference for Oscar, but you never know.