Rescue Journal

squishtopher passed away today in erin's loving arms.

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2017

she was an ancient girl who won the jackpot when erin asked to foster her.
squish was a favorite of everyone, she was just one of those sweet, friendly, and loving souls.
i am so glad that she got to finish her life off in a loving home of her own.
rest in peace squish.
hugs to erin and family.


Carol Gammon

I'm sorry to hear of Squish's passing, she was a lovely cat. Due to circumstances I had to rehome her 14 years ago. After finding out that her family had died I began a search for her beginning at the spca that I was told she was at. I discovered she was at saints by googling 'Squishtopher', the name I always called her. I was so excited to be able to get her back. Timing is everything. I googled again to make it happen, but this time the 'adopted' sign was with her picture. Although I was sad to know that I wouldn't see her again I was glad that she got to go to a home in her senior years. I'm glad to know she had a loving home and I'm very sorry for your loss.

Brenda Mc

Sunday morning: Sorry house folks, I was on my way and had to turn around due to white out conditions on highway...hopefully, it's not that bad out further. We''re in another winter storm here....again!


Sorry to hear of the loss :( so glad however Squish had a great place to spend time and have a real home :)


Thank you Erin for sharing your loving home and arms with Squish. You made a wonderful difference is someones life and that's what matters. Thank You

Lenore Henry

So sorry to you and your family Erin - thank you for giving her a loving home - rest in peace Squish.


Thanks for being such a loving, caring, good soul.
Bless you.

Brenda McCormick

She was a lucky girl to find a home with your family. So very sorry Erin. RIP Squishtopher

shelagh f

so sorry Erin and your family, she was a nice cat and i think
she lived longer than anyone thought she might.


So sorry Erin. Yes Squish was a sweet girl and looked happy in her home!

Lynne arnason

Aw I'm so sorry Erin it never gets easier big hugs to you and your family she did hit the jackpot