Rescue Journal

so..this is us...

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2017

old dogs, old cats, old horses...
and some younger, crazier ones too.

life is what it is...

these guys have suffered..abandonment, betrayal, broken promises, fractured fairy tales, injury, disability, sickness...aging.... in a sometimes callous world.

it is what it is..or more was what it was, but now it's something different.
they are not alone now, they have us...animal loving nerds whose idea of a really good day is to see another soul smile, or sigh in contentment or groan with a deep comfortable satisfaction as they snuggle their bodies into soft and warm beds.

this is us...who wrap our arms around them and feel them burrow in... the warmth of soul to soul...a mutual spiritual connection.

we worry too much about things we can't imperfection. it is the creases and the cracks and the broken chipped bits that tell the stories within each of us...animal and human.

the stories of living. of surviving. of growing, soaring, falling and getting up again with skinned and bleeding knees.

this is, breathing, feeling beings flailing around in an oftimes bewildering harsh world.

this is us...all of us, here. now.

the snow that falls outside our windows is no big deal.



Beautiful, Carol ! And I too am crazy for animals. They have given
me so much. The least I can do is give love and care back to them.


And I'm proud to be an animal loving nerd!! This post was just what I needed to hear today, Carol. My passion for animals comes under criticism in my own circle of family, friends and neighbors sometimes. People think I'm crazy for the extremes I'll go to (both financial and emotional). It can make me second-guess myself from time to time. It's great to be reminded that we animal lovers are part of a huge group, and YAY for us.