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saints welcomes bratwurst.

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2017

so we have a new little guy on our rescue books...saints welcome "bratwurst" a little mini-daxi. bratwurst suddenly became paralysed yesterday and his young owner just did not have the $6000-$8000 required for major spinal surgery. brat was signed over to saints in order to give him the best possible chance of recovery and rushed over to Boundary Bay Specialty Hospital for a consultation with Dr Gordon and his neurological specialty team. after diagnostics it was determined that brat had a ruptured disc that was causing spinal compression, he was prepped and rushed in for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, remove the clots and relieve his spinal cord compression.
time is of the essence in these types of surgeries, once 48 hours has past the chances of permanent spinal cord damage increase drastically.

we have dealt with so many past parapalegics who never had the chance for timely intervention. it is really hard on the animals to have to live as parapalegics and it is really difficult for their caregivers because it is a ongoing lifelong, day in and day out battle in preventing pressure sores, urine scald, multiple daily bladder and sometimes bowel expressions, frequent bladder infections, formations of crystals and bladder stones, plus the daily care of a significantly physically disabled animal who requires a lot of extra physical and emotional care. it is not as simple as putting them into diapers and a wheelchair.

because these specialized surgeries are so prohibitively expensive, so many animals just don't get a second chance. so brats young owner did what was best for him and signed him over to a rescue who not only could provide for the cost of his care but also has the experience he needs post operatively to achieve the best results. the post surgical rehab on these guys is 8-12 weeks including severely restricting mobility plus ongoing physiotherapy.

and here is the kicker..even getting the surgery within the first 24 hours post injury..brat only has a 50% chance of full recovery. maybe he will walk again, maybe he won't...maybe he will be able to pee or poop on his own and maybe he won't. there are no guarantees ...just providing the best possible treatment and a big dose of faith and hope.

but we will do our very best for him and he certainly is medically in the very best hands with Dr Gordon (he is the surgeon who repaired eddie, our 14 year old cocker who ruptured his spinal discs. eddie has made a full post surgical recovery and is currently running around brenda's home and heart like a goofy, happy, 15 yr old puppy!

so..little bratwurst has a decent 50/50 chance. he came thru the surgery ok tonight, they removed the pressure on his spine and he has been moved into intensive care. he will spend at least the next several days receiving ongoing 24 hr specialized medical care.

and i just want to remind everyone to spread the word around about having pets on limited incomes...if you are going to have a much loved animal depending on you who may one day really need expensive medical care..please get pet insurance. some plans will cover up to 80% of costs..a $6000 surgery suddenly becomes a more manageable $1200 cost. i know it sucks to pay into a plan every month that maybe won't ever have to used...but god forbid if something bad does happen, that insurance will feel like a lotto win to both your animal and you.

fingers crossed that brat recovers well, however this goes tho..we will ensure whatever it is, he gets what he needs.


Brenda Mc

Oh please Bratwurst...come thru this with flying you can romp and run with playful abandon again like my sweet Trooper (formerly Eddie).....many fingers crossed for full recovery.....can't wait to meet you too!


Welcome to the Saints family Bratwurst. Sending you healing thoughts...


Having been surrounded by daxis of all sizes for many years, my heart went out to Brat. All the rescues that SAINTS does are hugely important, but this one resonated like a large bell in my head. Thank you for taking him on. I shall look forward to meeting him the yard!