Rescue Journal

we have a few for sure and possible new incomings...

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2017

stretching financial, workload and space resources. i don't think we can stretch much 3 days we will be just about maxed out on capacity again.

violet is going into foster care with jamie and daryl which will free up a space in the house kitchen area for bratwurst once he is discharged from hospital. i suppose we could maybe squeeze one or two more really serious desperate little broken ones in there if we had to but brat is going to need a lot of post surgical and rehab extra care.

jaspar the senior in pretty horrible shape for only being 12 years old, is already in and has seen our vets. he came in yesterday while i was at work so i haven't gone over to the mp building to meet this very nice cat. but anyway, that communal area is now full, so no more incoming sick, senior cats.

vinny is a 14 yr old senior with pretty horrible skin issues, he arrives on sunday and will join airabelle and clover. with the recent addition of a little bit sketchy ella...that makes the mp dog areas full now too.

and at noon today a 14 month old catahoula/pitty cross is going to be tested to see if he can fit in with the big dog thugs who live in the big dog room with me. he was diagnosed at 8 months old with diabetes but is not controlled yet. his young family just had a new baby and can no longer manage his medical care costs nor his as yet uncontrolled diabetes which is causing him to flood urine inside the house. if he can't live with our big guys, there is no where else appropriate for him here. he is too young and big to be with the old frail guys so here's hoping he likes the big guys and they like him or he can't stay here.
i am not supremely happy about trying to fit him in with us..i already have the thuggish dogs eating my pillows and bed, not too keen to invite a goofy 1/2 pitty teenage puppy with the jaws of life to the ongoing saga of my buffet-bed. but geez..he is sick and needs a safe place to land....and lets face it...the reality is...there won't too many decent and responsible options available to him.
i they make kevlar, bullet proof pillows and beds?

here is an interesting fact about rescue...

we actually do not want any of the animals who come into our care.
every time an animal tries to get in and we go thru the process of figuring out if we can or can't responsibly take them in...i always want to say..sorry, but no.
but what i want to say and what we can actually do is not always the same.
it is not a matter of... do we want? is a matter ...can or can't?
and can or can't always wins.

don't get me wrong..once we have them, we want them, we love them, we are glad they are here. and we will go to the wall for them without any regrets.
but before we get them, before we know them, before we love is honestly more like "oh fuck, please god no, don't make whoever it is have to come here."

its like the gift that keeps giving that you think you don't want...until they get here and they get their paws on your heart and you get sucked into their souls.
it is the best gift of all even if it sucks.

no gain. looking forward to the day we have gained enough.


Lynne arnason

Way to go Jamie and Darryl she landed the jackpot and welcome new dogs


A Catahoula x Bully... oh my.. He will be sooo cute! I hope he gets along with the thugs.. a dog like that will need extra special attention to become a good canine citizen!