Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2017

this faulty old brain just can't keep the new dog's name is actually raiden. and it stresses me out having to stop and think,,shit..which name is it??
so to make my life easier and so i don't have to stop, sort thru my head and think before i call him and end up getting it wrong anyway...
i am just calling him rain.
its close enough, its easy for me to remember and i can speak it gently and lovingly which is what he really hears anyway.

he is kinda my best buddy now..likes to be near me, slept with his head tucked onto my shoulder, my knee, my hip, my neck..pretty much anywhere he landed when flopping around.

ok so i forgot how much an uncontrolled diabetic can pee...holy batman my bedroom was flood city!
i let him out at 11pm, 230am and 530am (he can't figure out the doggy door yet) and he still freaking flooded the room!
thank god for lino!!!!!

it reminds me of the good old days...jazz, the deaf and blind rotti who i used to joke about how i needed gum boots and a canoe in the morning to navigate thru her lakes of urine.
gosh she was a truly great dog!!!

i really have been blessed in life to know and love some incredible dogs....and other animals too (gideon, percy, marilla, frodo.)
oh my god i am getting nostalgic, another sign that i am getting old too.

so the plan for today is..erin and i are dropping off rockstar for his dental today. once that is done he is ready for adoption...yay!
then we are heading over to Boundary Bay to learn how to cathetorize bratwurst so he can come home today. he is making a good recovery from his spinal surgery...he has pain sensation back in his toes and he can move his legs. he is not able to stand or walk yet and still can't pee on his own. not sure how much recovery he will have in the end but it can take several weeks to get as far as he can. and the majority of that recovery can happen at home.

i finally met jaspar the new old wrecked cat. what an absolutely lovely old man! his blood work is back and he has moderate kidney disease so we will deal with that.

hope the bunny's abscess is coming back on her nose, looks like we did not get it all drained out last time and the antibiotics weren't able to get at the rest.

there was no point in going back to bed at 0530 after rain's last outside pee so i decided to stay up and do my own personal laundry. !! now i am guaranteed to have clean clothes for my upcoming work week! and that reminds me..i better go switch the loads around and maybe let rain out again before he re-floods the house.





Rain is a nice name, especially given his challenge. He sounds like a great guy. As a diabetic, I relate to the constant call from those regions. (I'm just lucky not to have Rain's volume!)

So looking forward to a report on Brat ...


I cant wait to see him Sunday!! I hope he can come to the barn.. he's free to pee anywhere all morning!! haha

shelagh f

my son's cat has the same name, Raidon,( not Rain,) it's from
some Japanese animated sort of cartoon thing.


I remember the MP room when Dusty and Lucky were in there. I used to say Dusty could pee for Canada.