Rescue Journal

good news all around

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2017

brat is doing well..looks like he has control of his bladder, not yet of his bowels. he is up and starting to mobilize unsteadily with his back far so good!! he has a way to go yet.

rain is doing better, we upped his insulin again..he is still peeing A LOT but it is improving..a little. he has been introduced to the barn today, he thought that was great fun.

cleopatra went out into foster care with erin..yay erin and cleo!
violet went out into foster care with jamie...yay violet and jamie!
and my darling little buddy who no one ever looked twice at, went into foster care with lynne today...YAY LYNNE AND BUDDY!!!!

and hey the freaking sun is shining! what a strange and rare occurrence.



My heart was soooo full watching Buddy in his forever home tonight. What joy listening to his contented sighs. Lynne finally has her cuddle buddy 💗


Cleo is a very sweet girl & now has the very best of forever homes with Erin and family.


I post things on fb in chronological order, with a max of two posts per day. Buddy and Lynnes post is tomm, don't worry :) Sneak peak...

Brenda Mc

Omg such great news all around....what a great post. I knew about Cleopatra and Violet from fb,...Yay Erin and Jamie! ....but did not know about Lynne taking little Buddy. He is a real favorite of mine...such a lovely boy. He so deserves a home of his own, and now has a great one.
Looking forward to meeting Brat and Rain tomorrow.....and I hope the sun continues to shine in Mission, as hail has been falling here in Hope.

shelagh f

good news all around. it is nice to see the sun again, and
not be bitterly cold


The sun is shining in several ways! Way to go Brat, Rain. Best wishes for Cleo.

How nice to celebrate happy developments.