Rescue Journal

much loved maisie passed away today.

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2017

this morning she suddenly had difficulty breathing and was rushed to emergency where they discovered several large masses in her lungs. maisie was 16 years old, lived a hard life and wasn't with us for long, but she wormed her way into all of our hearts and will be very greatly missed.

love you maisie, rest in peace sweet girl.

(thank you ali for being with her so she wasn't alone.)


Linda Ciccozzi deserved so much more! You shone like a bright light while staying quiet, sweet and gentle. Even while you were in distress you stayed your sweet self. I found the perfect collar for you saying I'm a Rescue for your car ride yesterday.....SAINTS saved you in many ways..also giving you the chance to pass with dignity. I'm happy that I cared for you yesterday until Ali took you to the vets. Thanks Ali...I'm sure she was comforted by your presence💕 Always remembered sweet girl...Rest your heart and soul little one 🐾🐾💕💕😔


Yes, Fourlane was very handsome and a bit misunderstood.....he was lucky to have Renee who just got him and so loved him.


I'm so sorry to hear this news...she was a sweetie and glad we got to meet her last weekend. 💛

Brenda Mc

Thanks for the pic of Fourlane, Renee...lovely boy. I did not know he had the great fortune to enjoy sleepovers at your house...that's great.


Since we are talking about Fourlane, who was one of my absolute favourite dogs ever to have been at Saints, here is a cute photo of him from when I used to bring him home for sleepovers. Just so everyone remembers how handsome he was ❤️


Oh Maisie, you were one of the very sweetest dogs. We did not get enough time with you sweetheart 💔


Yes Brenda her eyes really drew you in……then you were fortunate to meet
an old girl with the sweetest soul. RIP dear Maisie

shelagh f

thanks Brenda, knew it wasn't quite right. they were an unlikely
couple, but I'm sure Rockstar will miss her

Brenda Mc

Shelagh; Rockstar is Maisie's buddy. You're going way back with "Fourlane" 🐶 I remember him too. Lynne used to call him Foreplay😊

Brenda Mc

When I first saw Maisie at Saints her eyes drew me in....they told a whole lifetime of hardship and survival in who knows what kinds of situations. I was so glad she had finally found confort and loving touches, with an abundance of good food and fresh water, and soft beds to choose from. She was a lovely old girl and I'm grateful I was able to give her a hug before she left for the vet today. RIP Maisie

shelagh f

oh dear, she was a great breed ambassador. hope her little buddy,
forgotten the name, Fourlane? will be ok without her. glad she was with Saints
for her passing, not alone somewhere. she was a sweetheart


Brutal. She will be sorely missed by us all. Thank you Ali, for being there for Maisie.

Lenore Henry

Sweet Maisie - you were always up for a treat and a hug - glad we could give you one more hug in peace girl and thanks Ali for being with her at the end.