Rescue Journal

the rescue revolving door

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2017

the problem with rescue is..there is no time for climatization, decompression..whatever you want to call it.

i come home to the unexpected emptiness of no maisie to vinny walking in the door.

in some respects it totally sucks but in other respects, it is what it is.

maisie moved past us and vinny needs us.

it is that damn rescue revolving door.

so saints welcomes vinny, he came in last evening and he is a very sweet and gentle dog.
and he is a mess.
his skin is terrible.
he has a vet appointment on Wednesday but we have already started him on treatments and meds. the vets can tweak them as needed but he needed help right away so to hold him until we can get him in, we started him out on our standard skin dog program.
hopefully he will feel better in a couple of days.

vinny is about 14 years old...supposedly a shepherd/husky. hard to see either of those breeds in him right now, he looks like one of those dogs you see on the internet being rescued in third world countries...missing so much of their hair that it is always a pleasant surprise at the end of the videos to see them months after rescue and looking like real dogs again.
vinny's family got him about three years ago and have been unable to successfully manage his allergies and his skin just kept getting worse.
lucky for him we have had so much experience with severe skin dogs that we should be able to get him under control fairly soon.

anyway..vinny is here, he is a great dog and rain, our diabetic young one, likes him A LOT!

welcome vinny..i promise, you will feel much better soon!



I remember quite a few restless nights when we first got Bailey.. up all night scratching with her awful flakey skin. Thankfully, it was nothing an expensive special vet ordered diet couldnt cure!! =P Worth every penny!


Welcome Vinny and from my Saints skin dog are in good hands with Saints :-)