Rescue Journal

new cat in...

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2017

saints welcomes mocha, who i am going to call maurice because we already had a mocha.

he is an approx. 10 yr old intact stray tom...big chubby cheeks!
he has an eye infection and he is FIV positive.
he has been being fed by some kind folks and they were willing to take him in but once at the vet it was discovered he was FIV positive and they were worried about their own family cats being exposed to him.

FIV still has that unfair stigma attached to it, their vet even told them he would have to live separate from their healthy cats.
this is not necessarily true. FIV is spread by sex and deep bite wounds. once maurice is neutered and assuming that like most cats he refrains from biting others, there shouldn't be a problem.

in any case, he is a beautiful and sweet, friendly cat. hopefully he settles well here soon.

welcome maurice, glad we could be here for you.


Nicole N.

I love the name! I imagine him with a french accent! Bienvenue Maurice!

Anne Seward

Looking forward to meeting Maurice. What a romantic name for a tom. Very fitting.