Rescue Journal

The Wizard of Animal Oddz

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2017

its a fun (sometimes not so fun) story, with a bunch of weird fuzzy characters who fashion multiple potential death graves for me which thank god for owen, he routinely fills in.

mystic is the good fairy who instead of a magic wand, sports a magic tongue that she freely uses to wash your face (or june's big ears) spreading magical saliva all around.
june is the cowardly lion, sweet, gentle and afraid of anyone new....she is also a bit of a klutz but she is beautiful.
pepper is the stoic and dignified tin man, she has impeccable manners and knows how to use them....when she wants to.
boomer is the scarecrow...floppy and easy going, he can blend into any crowd..and he will cheerfully sit in any giant hole that the others want him to test out.
daisy is an oversized sociopathic munchkin with trust issues who wants to be adorably cute.
luna is the wicked witch of the west, she is not really wicked just kind of bitchy when she is guarding my bed.
and newbie rain is a whole host of flying monkeys..except his monkeys are pretty good natured and not little jerks.

and i am sad to say that i am the wizard..a little befuddled, confused and can get lost in a closet, which is how i ended up here in the oddz animal zoo. i too suck at driving moving vehicles (you should see the scratches and dents i have accumulated on my poor car!) however i do have little bit of a smarter transportation view than the original wizard... you would never catch me dead in a hot air balloon because i am terrified of heights.

and then there is the computer room crew...

kassa...snow (freaking perfect) white and the 7 freaky dogz dwarfs.

buddy= ancient goofy
vinny= hungry itchy
keats= snarky snoozer
harry= grumpy clueless
rocket= cranky noisebox
oreo... the truly insane.

rain and his many way too happy monkeys flies over here too because he likes playing with his 6 freaky friends.

and IF i can find a poison apple, i am giving it to rocket: the pain in the ass, rabble rousing rockstar.


Ellen Nickerson

This was the best blog ever. Love it.I haven't forgotten about the windchime for Aggie. Just haven't found the right one yet.


last night rain came to bed with a toy..he had it in his mouth but then luna grabbed hold and started growling at him to let go! so there they were..both hanging onto that toy, in the dark laying face to face on the bed..luna couldn't bite him cuz her mouth was full and she wasn't going to be the one who let go first. finally after a couple of minutes rain gave in and let her have it..he IS such a very good boy.


The floor guy says the only dog that scares him (but only a little of course) is our darling Saint Bernard.
This morning when I came in Harry and Raiden were snuggled together on the same bed, neither heard me come in. I adore Harry, but that Rain is going to be somebodys very best friend one day. What a great dog.