Rescue Journal

saints welcomes bill...

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2017

an arthritic senior welsh pony. he is pretty crippled right now but our vets are coming out to see him tomorrow so hopefully with a good medical plan in place, he will soon feel a whole lot better!

rain had his vet recheck..upping his insulin again.

duke also had a vet visit today, his diabetes is still not controlled and he seriously needs a dental. he is booked in for that so hopefully once his mouth is better we can get his blood sugars under better control.

jet also had her vet recheck from her dental last week. she still needs more dental work and we will book her in as soon as the vets say she is ready.

vinny is putting on weight, his skin is much better but it will still take a while before he actually grows his hair back. i notice that mass next to his penis is getting bigger so that might not be a good thing. he has his vet recheck coming up soon, they can remeasure the mass and see if it is in fact growing.

cindy's nose is a mess,,i am not happy about that. every time we try something new, it seems to get worse. we are pretty sure it is an autoimmune thing but are having difficulty getting control of it.

these guys are not always easy to care for. they are not always easy to help find problem solutions. but we are committed to working thru the issues, even if it is sometimes difficult.
but geez louise..sometimes i wish there was a magic pill!