Rescue Journal

God rest America

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2017

i went out to the cottage for a few hours today to have a bit of a break, i watched "The Butler."
50 years ago i watched my father go off to march in Selma, I watched the freedom riders get beaten up on TV, I watched Wallace try to keep segregation, I watched as my country battled with violence for and against civil rights for all people.
and we supposedly won...
or did we?

i grew up believing that skin color didn't matter..character did. i believed the name of your religon didn't matter but how you lived it did. I grew up with the belief that is was none of my damn business who someone fell in love with and wanted to share their life with.

witnessing the blood, sweat, and tears of the sixties taught me that humanity could grow, humanity could evolve, humanity could actually become humane.

and yet 50 years later with the memories evoked in "The Butler"....i see we are just as freaking stupid, cruel and insane.

God rest America, history repeated in endless shame.