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Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2017

i had 3 senior dogs on my incoming list...a 14 yr old teacup poodle whose owner passed away, a little parapalegic chiX who might have benefited from surgery if it wasn't too late, and a 16 yr old cocker whose owner also passed away. the poodle found a home, and i never heard back from the other 2 so i crossed them off our list.

this made room for emma...a senior collie/husky cross with significant housetraining and incontinence issues. about 3 yrs ago, emma was originally removed from a backyard pen where she was living with several other dogs. maybe she had always lived there and that's why her housetraining issues were poor. anyway she was adopted and the family dealt with it the best that they could using diapers to help control her accidents. as she aged emma developed hormonal incontinence issues. they took her to the vets and put her on meds. it helped, a little. but then emma started ripping off her diapers and tearing them apart...suddenly it was a free for all urine fest everywhere in the house. single working mom, busy young child...2 and a half years of trying to find a solution to a urine soaked house.
no one was was stressed, emma was stressed because she actually knew her mom was stressed. mom told me emma was never happy anymore, her tail was always between her legs. this is because while mom was kind and didn't yell at her or discipline her for her mistakes...her body language could not hide her frustration every single day. dogs know when their people are upset and it makes them upset.

long story short..emma came in about 730 last night...sweet dog. this morning when i got up and entered the kitchen and said good morning, she got up to say hello and her tail was wagging gently back and forth. i think emma will be fine here, she is a lovely sweet dog.

at 10 pm last evening, the 16 yr old cocker arrived...her name is shizol. she is also a very sweet and lovely dog. i didn't get to know her too well last night because i was exhausted. but from what i have seen so far, she too will do fine here.

i better get dressed today is bratwursts one month post op follow up check with his neurologist...he has regained control of his bladder and bowel..his gait is still a bit wonky but he is back up on his feet and walking..i think Dr Gordon will be very pleased.



What a happy series of developments! I smiled through your post.

Greetings and best wishes to Emma and Shizol. Happy pats of encouragement to Brats.

Thanks Carol.