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saints foster Bailey passed away yesterday.

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2017

post by erin

A letter to my foster parents...
I know it was really hard for you guys to say goodbye to me yesterday. I know that you made the only decision you could, cancer is nobody's fault. I just want you to know how much the last seven months have meant to me. My life before you is not worth mentioning. But these last months have more than made up for it, and I cannot thank you enough. Taking me home, knowing I didn't have much time left, was very brave and selfless and I truly could not have been happier! You gave me such a gift, you gave me a loving home and a family of my very own. And even though it wasn't for long, I want you to know it was worth it. It was oh so worth it to me. I love you.

rest in peace bailey and huge hugs to your family.



Hi Val, I am very sorry for your loss. Man she was adorable! Taking home a palliative is so special, it's really something wonderful and I had a hard time coming up with words that express just how great a gift it is to that animal. I'm glad you were ok with what I wrote.


Val, you did a huge service to Bailey to give her the love and home she deserved. There are many who can't take on the seniors because they have a hard time facing death. There is a lot of negative in the world, but these kind acts help to balance everything out. These animals who need us also give back to us, don't they? It really is a win/win. Thank you thank you thank you.


Thank you Erin, that was really lovely to read. It was oh so worth it to us as well ❤️ She was a really beautiful part of our family and it was hard to let her go.