Rescue Journal

Cindy's last day.

Ali  ·  Apr. 15, 2017

Today was Cindy’s last day.
She has been fighting so many different health problems, and today she was tired. I booked the appointment, but even then I was not completely sure what the appointment was for. When I saw Cindy in her bed when I went to pick her up,
I knew.
Too many problems. Too much. Too hard.
Cindy came to Saints as a 16 year old cat whose senior owners were moving across the country to live with their daughter, who was allergic to cats. At the time, Cindy was a newly diagnosed diabetic, who had also recently developed food allergies. Saints did everything. Tried everything. Twice. Since last summer when she came to us, we kept her quality of life up, she enjoyed her life.
If it was just the hyperthyroidism, we could have helped her feel better for longer.
If it was just the diabetes, we could have helped her feel better for longer.
If it was just the autoimmune disease, we could have helped her feel better for longer.
But there was also an underlying chronic pulmonary disease working against her, against us, against time.
The weather today was crazy! Torrential downpours, then the clouds would part for a little while before the wind blew more clouds over. On our drive from Mission to the vet in Abbotsford, the whole time the sun shone on Cindy, who was on the front seat of my car. Her face was tilted up to the warmth. As I spoke to her, she turned to look at me. I can’t tell you how beautiful her eyes were in the sunlight. She had gorgeous eyes. But there in the bright light, breathtaking.
She passed away peacefully under the care of Dr. Lawrence of Coastal Rivers. We know we did all we could.
It doesn’t make losing her any easier to bear.



I had tears today while telling Cindy how much I loved her & what a great girl she is. But reading this post has sent me over the edge. Cindy went thru alot while with us, but was a happy sweet girl thru it all. RIP Cindy Lou, i will miss you.


Awe sorry to hear of Cindys condition worsening and now passing. So thankful for SAINTS and all everyone does for these precious souls.
Peace to Cindy. And yes, gorgeous eyes!