Rescue Journal

Easter Weekend

Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2017

as some of you know..i was away this weekend. treated myself to a nice hotel and tickets to see Jane Goodall in Kelowna. I have not been more than an hour away from SAINTS in more than a dozen years so it was a real treat for me.

thursday i ran around trying to get ready to leave but then harry collapsed a couple of times and ended up seeing a neurologist and having an emergency MRI. on my way to Boundry Bay, one of our fosters called and lily (ancient one eyed, blind cardiac dog) had also collapsed so i got her to meet me at Animal Emergency. Lily was in heart failure so she needed 24 hours of oxygen and med adjustments to get her straightened out again. Harry was finally finished late in the evening, besides the MRI he also had blood work and an echo cardiogram. in the end nothing showed up which is kind of good..apparently ancient and wrecked harry at least has a good brain and good heart!

we got home pretty late and he was still quite stoned. but at least i knew that both harry and lily had gotten the care that they needed. i finished my packing just after midnight and was up early to grab my flight to kelowna.

kelowna was great..i spent some time with family and a rescue friend, was mesmerized by Dr Goodall, and really enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub in my luxury hotel suite. that kingsized bed is pristine pure white Egyptian linens and had never once suffered a moronic dog's idiot teeth!
i got a couple of messages while i was gone..cindy's heartbreaking deterioration and euthanization of course and a video of june eating my bed.

i made it home by midnight last took a couple of hours for everyone to settle down and forget i had dared to be away for 2 and a half freaking days.
finally made it to bed around 2 am, got up at 6am for work, and after work picked up fosters mario and colin because jenn is away for a week, and then had to go and pick up lily again who was back into our vets with a very large and odd sore on her hip..i am thinking either a reaction to an injectible med that she got while in emergency or possibly a skin infection from something? or even a very slight burn from maybe a heating pack? whatever..we are not sure, what it is and where it came from. the vet has sent a sample off to the lab so maybe they can shed some light on it. her foster wanted her to either come out to saints or stay in the clinic until diagnosed to be sure she wasn't contagious. she is blind and old and she did not want to stay in the clinic so i picked her up and brought her home.

of course it was pissing down rain when we got back here..i carried in mario, then i carried in colin, then i ran to the shop and brought in and set up an xpen for lily and then carried her in too.

i feel like it has been an up and down whirlwind of everything this holiday long weekend.

HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO COVERED FOR ME!!! esp to anne who slept over with the saints kids and to erin for ensuring that cindy in her time of great need was surrounded by love and care.



I am pleased to hear you made it to the Okanagan for the weekend and to hear you also have family there. I grew up there and am definitely due for a trip!
Jane Goodall is amazing (saw her in Calgary a few years ago). Definitely an inspiring woman and for icon for any animal lover ;)
Nice to hear of the updates, but sorry to hear about Cindy.


So glad you got away. My sister went to Jane's lecture too and loved
it.She also enjoyed meeting Tundra. Have a good day.


lol..i left the bathrobe where it belonged but i would have stolen the damn tub if i could! apparently, honesty has that tub was amazing!

Brenda Mc

Wow...are you sure you were really away at all? glad you had some enjoyable moments in Kelowna. You deserve a lot more of those special treats in your life Carol. I guess a bathrobe from the hotel didn't make it home in your luggage? I know, you're too honest ...too bad. Glad you're and sound.
Egyptian sheets sound wonderful!


Welcome back! It's delightful to know you "allowed yourself" to take the time for you. Bravo.