Rescue Journal

still catching up from my weekend away!

Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2017

apparently by the time i finished writing my last post, i wasn't really finished with my true welcome home.
monday night we ended up picking up bratwurst from his foster home and rushing him back to emergency because that little bugger ruptured his disc once again.
he had his repeat, do-over spinal surgery on tuesday to remove the spinal cord compression and we are currently waiting to see how he does.
oh yay, 10 pound mini daxi, with a $15,000 spine now better be able to walk again!
sheesh bratwurst, knock the "help i am paralyzed!" crises shit off!
the whole second episode was like deja vu!

poor little lily...we are pretty sure that wound on her back is either a horrible reaction to an injection or a burn from a warming bag while she was hospitalized, or i was thinking maybe even a nasty spider bite.
bottom line is we are not sure, it was discovered 24 hours post hospital discharge when it suddenly started draining and the hair started falling off. in any case it is a truly nasty wound that will take weeks and possibly a debridemnent surgery to heal again. the wound care is too intense to send her back to her foster home so lily will have to hang out with us for a little longer yet. she can go home when the wound is a bit better and not so intensely critical to care for.

new cat in...baxter is an old, weary barn cat..too old now and starting to need some extra geriatric TLC. his barn folks wanted him to have some extra comfort as he slides thru his senior years.
he arrived this far he is a great fan of saints' food!

with the money trickling in from the amazing raise and diesel's awesomely grumpy video..we have started on some of the mp building fix ups. the mp volunteers will be happy to hear that not only does the sink in the main mp room have running also has hot running water. and i just want to say that the very nice plumber who came out to do this...donated it all! what an incredibly kind and generous man!

vern is also busy replacing the broken storage tent with a permanent lean-to to store our outside equipment so we won't have to worry about heavy snow falls burying and wrecking our stuff in the future..yay vern!

the vets were out to see a bunch of the farm guys...
summer had a long acting antibiotic injection to help her sore foot.
joy is going to get de-wormed.
pink had her nasal openings cleaned out so she can breathe better.
and bill had his feet xrays which were not very good. but the vet is happier with his pain control so for now we can keep going for awhile until they no longer work. but bottom line, like pops with his horrid feet before him...bill is a palliative pony and we will be closely monitering his quality of life.



Yay for the outdoor storage, looks great so far! And that's awesome about the sinks in the MP. So great!
Diesel's video by the way is awesome! Great job :D

shelagh f

many thanks to the plumber. That will make a big difference,
that was a pain hauling the dishes and bending over that really
low sink in the shop. First world problems for sure, but it will
be much appreciated. That is nice to hear that Baxter's folks
were worried about their old barn cat.

Brenda Mc

Oh no....poor Brat...hope the second time is a charm, and he comes thru this as well as the1st
and poor Lily...what a shame.
Yay for the MP room renos and upgrades, and big thanks to that very generous plumber..awesome. Thanks for all the updates Carol.