Rescue Journal head was somewhere else but now it is back again.

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2017

i have had a bunch of stuff on my mind the past few weeks so i apologise for the spareness in blogging.

to bring everyone up to date...

the losses of geezer and morgan were tough ones. our two most dedicated helper kitchen cats have by their passing left a huge and noticeable hole in our daily routines.

brat is not progressing as well as we would like following his 2nd emergency spinal surgery. today he saw his neurologist, had a recheck, staples out and is cleared to begin a a rehab program with the physiotherapy department. hopefully he makes some better progress over the next few weeks.

rain is continuing to need weekly increases in his insulin doses..we are getting close but he is not fully controlled yet. hopefully just a tweak or two more and he will be stable.

bill's feet are a mess, we did have him under better pain control but he has taken a step back again. we ordered in $400 specialty comfort boots for him but he is too sore to wear them. today the staff moved some pressure reducing mats out to the barn so he can hang outside in more comfort. if we can't get his pain back under control in the next day or so, i am afraid we will have no choice except to set him free. float hopes the med adjustment helps him.

newby, newly neutered FIV+ maurice has settled into saints really well. he is such a lovely old boy!

new cat baxter came in with some severe arthric pain issues, we are continuing to work on getting him more comfortable, i think he is feeling a little bit better already. baxter is a truly sweet cat and i hope we can help him reach feeling well.

i am so sad to report that june's kidney issues are finally catching up to her. the vets thought we might lose her by last christmas but she has done so well that i was almost starting to believe that just maybe i could keep holding and loving this special, special girl indefinitely. probably not, reality is starting to intrude in our love story. she goes back in for blood work next week and we will see just how badly her disease is progressing.

some good news on the saints animal front...chizol (swizzle) and mae and emma all will probably be moving to foster homes in the next few weeks. three of our sweetest dogs, i am going to miss them all but am so glad they will have great homes to finish their lives in.

reno's continue..the new lean to shed on the shop is almost done, soon we can move everything back in under cover. everyone is enjoying the hot running water now available in the mp building. there are still a few big projects on our list...the medical side mold rehab, a solid fence to protect the mp cats from the big dogs harassing them thru the wire fence, some pressure washing and fence painting to tidy the place up again, reseeding the pastures and repairing the damage of such a hard, hard winter..our animals need decent fields to graze.

the open house is coming up quickly..lots of little projects that we need to get busy with for our yearly tune up of this crazy old animal place. i will try to post a list of stuff for our very great volunteers to jump on so maybe this year we can be ahead of the game and not going nutz at the very last minute trying to get everything done.

raven..just because he is beautiful.



Fingers crossed that the mats help Bill. Hope the recovery road for Brat & Baxter is quick. Rain is such a boy, a teenage boy LOL. Yes Maurice is sweet and handsome. Sooo happy our girls have great homes waiting for them. Raven is beautiful & smells great. June Bug - can't even go there.