Rescue Journal

maybe some things are meant to be.

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2017

i was scrolling thru craigs list farming ads looking for a small used tractor for saints. and suddenly i came across bill, a free pony. the ad said he would be good for kids to hang around, but he looked so sad and unwell. i should have kept going, we had no room for a pony but i couldn't get him out of my head. so i sent the ad to mo, hoping she would say yes or no and then i wouldn't have to solely carry the blame. mo said yes and i said yes and bill came to saints.

and maybe he was only here for a few weeks, but in that few weeks he had pain meds, treats, grooming, vet care, a really comfortable warm and dry stall, a new halter, lead rope, raincoat, and lots of kind people who fell in love. he had soft places to stand with his sore feet. we gave him everything we could think of, even specially ordered $400 cushion boots.

yet in the end we failed to undo the thing that was causing him pain.

i think bill knew we cared and i think he enjoyed that special care.

bill died anyway, but he died knowing that many people cared so much and tried their very best.

maybe bill was meant to come here, to feel the best of humans who love and care.

maybe that was what our part was meant to the end, bill feeling like he was worth so very much, and finally, to be set free from suffering, softly and gently.


Brenda Mc

I always appreciate the back story Carol...thank you. RIP sweet Bill.
One happy note today: Emma went home with Lenore and Owen! ...such good news on an otherwise sad day. The rollercoaster of emotions at Saints never slows down..but some events bring a smile thru the tears.


OK - now this post has me in tears. Tears of happiness, really, that little Bill was loved so much in the few weeks he was here.

Trish LaNauze

Thank you. Just thank you. Always. But a particularly special thanks for following your heart with Bill, which allowed him to steal all of our hearts. So sad but so grateful he was a SAINT and had all the love and attention that he had so badly needed.


I'm so very glad you brought Bill to SAINTS and he was able to have a peaceful end to his life. RIP sweet Bill.