Daily Hive article featuring Diesel

Sheila  ·  May 1, 2017

Daily Hive-SAINTS-Diesel

If everyone who has a FB or twitter account could click on the link above and then share through their preferred social media account Diesel and the rest of the saintly crew would be ever so grateful. If the story trends there is more of a chance it will bring in dollars for our much needed upgrades.



Hi Willie Thank you. I will be sure to put the $50 towards Diesel's team and your comment did show up.


Hi Sheila,
I made a $50 donation to Diesel's team through CanadaHelps - I put it in the comments, but it doesn't show on the receipt - just want to make sure his team get's the credit :-> It really doesn't matter which team though - they all are equally wonderful!

Brenda Mc

and Happy Birthday Carol....hope you have lots of little happy moments today that remind you how special you are to all of us.