Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 1, 2017

our very sweet emma who happens to be one of the very nicest dogs i have ever met, went home yesterday with 2 of the very nicest humans i have ever is a great match, YAY!

poor carl had an abscessed tooth, the vet came and pulled it out today..he is looking a bit unhappy (and stoned) in this photo..hope floats he will feel much better in a couple of days.

emily is such a sweet and sensitive cow...she was so concerned about bill yesterday and very concerned today about the trauma that carl was going thru. taryn snapped this photo of emily seeking comfort from her adoptive mom after all of her exhaustive caring about her friends over the past couple of days.

it is not just we humans who feel the emotional drain on some days...sweet emily's do too.



They are wonderful people! And Emma is so so sweet, match made in heaven! Emily is a very sweet cow... The cows are definitely one of my favorite things about Saints!!


Yes, Lenore & Owen have become a major help on Sundays (from poop scooping to gardening to dog walking, they do it all) Thanks you guys🐶


Awesome for Emma - congratulations Lenore & Owen! She's a very lucky girl to go home with you. Feel better soon, Carl!

Brenda Mc

Lenore and Owen are the epitome of what it means to be a volunteer at Saints. They do anything that needs doing, no matter how mundane the task; always with a smile, and for the benefit of the animals. It's so great that Emma ended up landing in their hearts.

Also...I think that picture of Emily should go viral. It is so heartbreakingly beautiful...brings tears.


Thank you Lenore & Owen. Emma couldn't have found a better home. Yay!!