Rescue Journal

more updates

Carol  ·  May 6, 2017

shizzle and mae went into permanent foster care with anne....yay two more sweet dogs won the lottery yesterday!

new cat in...kit kat aka kitty. she is a senior cat with health issues surrendered to saints by her family.

june's blood work is back and it is not good. her kidney disease is progressing again despite the special diets and meds to slow it down.

the night of the thunder storm was tough on us here...the deaf dogs did ok but the others were badly spooked.

the vets were out to start acupuncture on rio, he has not recovered well from his fall and is still quite painful.

with the donations coming in on the amazing raise fundraiser, we are starting on the reno's to deal with the excessive moisture and mold issues. the new air circulating fans are in, new gutters were installed to move water away from the walls and vern has started on repairing the moldy walls.

i will be posting an extra chore list in the shop for the stuff we need to get done before the open house. everyone please feel free to add to the list if you see other things that need getting done.

sooo..the kitchen is virtually empty...just squirt, nicki and brat in his cage. we are looking at shifting a couple of dogs into there from other areas that are still full. unfortunately the dogs can be stubborn and actually refuse to move!
oh well..i guess we will just have to figure out a way to convince them that this would be a very good move.


Brenda Mc

Love the pic on face book of Anne with Mae and Swizzle.....such great I can stop looking at Swizzle wondering if 4 cockers would be too much😊.....Thank you Anne for your very generous and loving heart....makes me very happy