The Amazing Raise Total

Sheila  ·  May 8, 2017

The total is $50,023. Wowzers.

Thank you to each and every person who shared, liked, or retweeted our story. And a very humble and grateful thank you to everyone who donated to make our campaign so successful.

We had two incredibly generous supporters of SAINTS donate $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. We got $3096 extra yesterday at the culmination of our campaign at Townhall Maple Ridge pub. The online total is $31,927. That all adds up to $50,023 which netted us $47,156.00

Here is our list of repairs at the beginning of the campaign
- the mold issue in the medical room/cat room
- connect plumbing to the building
- install 2 exhaust fans
- replace the siding in front of the building
- insulate the outside walls that have opened up
- and if enough funds are raised new gutters

We were able to do all of the above, including the gutters. And we were able to also
- put in a higher fence between the MP room and House as some of the dogs were jumping over it
- a new shed with 4 walls and door to replace the outside storage tent that collapsed on us
- power washing of buildings
- painted all fascia boards on the house and MP building

Any additional funds left will be used to pay off outstanding medical bills.

And here is how each team did

Team Barn $7,155

Team House $8,420

Donations not designated $7,350

And what to do,what to do about Team MP Room? The $15,000 donations referenced the Diesel video but did not designate a team. After mulling it over, getting feedback, and asking Diesel we decided Diesel should get the credit as Diesel does reside in the MP Room. Sooooo......

Team MP Room $24,002

Diesel is demanding that next year they just make him the Captain because he did the heavy lifting...



So happy for SAINTS!!!! Yay and congratulations! The work done from the donations look amazing and is really beneficial for all living and working in the buildings :)

Lenore Henry

I agree with all the comments above. So much work goes into these fundraisers and it never fails to amaze me the generosity and kindness of so many people who love Saints - thank you.

Brenda Mc

Wow...It was so great to be at the fundraiser last night and to hear the good news re total raised. Good job Sheila, and we must remember from now on to have a video showcasing the animals, with a wonderful "voice over". That Diesel video was wonderful....and I was really pleased to meet the voice of Diesel in person last night too.


Way to go Sheila, Shelley M., Diesel and the voice of Diesel. So glad to see that Team Barn was able to get some last minutes donors to see how wonderful the farm saints are.


Way to go Sheila thanks for all your hard work, love the diesel video and thank you to all our generous donors, you're the best!!!