Rescue Journal

down the rabbit hole

Carol  ·  May 11, 2017

and straight into rabbit hell.

lilo and stitch went to the vets today.

lilo may well be pregnant (rabbits can breed like rabbits...)
and the neighbors have been witness to stitch having his way with lilo over and over the past few weeks.
but the really bad news today was lilo had actually given birth recently and the bulging we felt were her mammary glands full of milk.

soooo..we sent laura on a hunt to find lilo's missing babes..she found least 8 of them!
next laura and erin and i spent a good chunk of today catching said baby rabbits, we managed to catch 4 of the 8 today.

and here is the really, really bad hard as it is catching baby bunnies, we don't have a lot of choice..these are tiny, still nursing 2 or 3 week olds plus lilo may very well already be growing new babies. rabbits will actually breed again on the very day that they give birth. rabbits do not practice abstinence, nor do they have any birth control sense.

theoretically with doing the a couple of weeks, if we manage to catch all the tiny babies (and we sure as heck are going to try) and if lilo has another 8 or 10 buns currently in the oven...we could soon have 20 extra rabbits.

i KNOW better than to dive down the damn rescue rabbit hole..but somehow i forgot.

today was one of those bang your head against a tree and scream...FUK!! FUK!! FUK!!

wish us luck tomorrow as we go back out baby bunny catching ball sized baby bunnies are freaking fast and tricky!!

and could people please quit dumping their pet bunnies out into the "wild" is grossly unkind and irresponsible and it totally destroyed my day!!!



Hehehe.....sorry carol but I had to giggle to myself reading that. If feels good to see others suffer...hehehe
That is my life 😜
Let me know if you need help re being able to keep them as a large family unit so that you don't have to split them up and have more pens.
One bunny we took in we called "fertile myrtle" as she had 29 babies....some were already given away so it was her & 18 babies.
......and they are still with us 😐


I would assume all rabbit rescues are in the same boat... 20 buns... holy shit. Where will Lilo and Stitch and their 20 buns go?? Were gonna need a rabbit nursery!! If you are short on space, I can come up with some at my house... Maybe we can build a giant outdoor hutch with a fenced in underneath part at Saints.


Oh wow. Is there some sort of rabbit rescue group that could take them.


I've got some free time tomorrow from noon on. I can help if needed.