Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 11, 2017

lots going on this past week or so...

thx arnie and laura for doing the Douglas College vet assistance student tour! sounded like they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

the reno's are continuing..
the mp building has hot running water, the rotting siding boards were replaced, the shop dryer vent was repositioned so it no longer shoots moisture into the mp building, the mold was removed from the interior walls and fiber glass wall panels were installed, new gutters were installed to move water away from the outside walls, the new outside equipment shed is complete, replacing the snow crushed tent, the power washing is done, the painting of the facia boards has begun, and the mp building now has a solid wood fence to create a privacy barrier from the house bullies for the mp building dogs, pig and cats!. we spent a lot of the fundraised money on making that building better and safer for our animal the vet accounts were all paid up to date to the end of april which was another $17,000.00.

we are so grateful to everyone who helped us raise these funds..just want you to know we are putting them all to very good use making senior and special needs animals lives better!

saints welcomes lilo and stitch... 2 abandoned bunnies that saints volunteer laura and her friend managed to rescue from the bush. we are pretty sure lilo is pregnant...which may mean more freaking bunnies...OMfreakingG! they go in for their vet check today and hopefully re pregnancy...we are wrong!

we also have a new dog coming in today...a youngish rotti/sharpei with horrible skin and a new diagnosis of diabetes who happens not to be neutered...sounds like the perfect wrecked in various ways saint...oh freaking yay!

we suddenly lost jack, our sweet little budgie the other day...blueberry was devastated and went into deep mourning.

rest in peace little jack.

luckily to help our depressed and lonely blueberry, we were able to find a homeless budgie at one of the shelters.

saints welcomes Pi..blueberry's new companion...already they seem to have become very good friends. i bet jack is happy that blueberry is no longer sad and alone. and we know pi is happy to now have a beautiful new friend of his own.

and this weeks fabulous news is...olivia and dickens are out on a trial together to the same great home.... olivia as an adoption and dickens (due to on going health issues,) as a foster. we are super happy for both of these lovely cats!!



Rest in peace, sweet Jack. Where are you going to put all the bunnies, Carol - especially if there are babies, LOL? Have to say, apart from the logistics, it would be pretty cute. We don't often get babies at Saints.