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more on the rabbit hole...

Carol  ·  May 12, 2017

we caught 3 more babies today...we know there are at least 2 more that we didn't catch..maybe a third. so we currently have 7 babies in our care but a few more to go before we are fully successful.
after commando crawling thru the dirt for a sneak attack and later flying across the yard and landing fairly hard, (luckily not crushing any fleeing babies,) we decided i was best suited to the brains of the operation while leaving the tricky agility shit to everyone else. i will say tho that i personally netted 3 of the 7 babies so while my agility sucks, my baby bunny score was still pretty darn good!
but.... ouch.

i was supposed to have dinner with my family tonight but unfortunately we brought the new dog in too late in the day to risk leaving him here alone. so i ditched my family fun tonight (bad grandma!!)
bear needs some time before he is fully settled and i need to know and trust him a little more. cancelling kind of sucks tho.

however...rescue is not always convenient!

yogi bear (we call him by his given name "bear" but wanted to fancy it up a bit for him and so added yogi to bear!)...anyway..yogi bear is quite a nice if slightly overwhelmed fellow. he seems ok with the cats, seems ok with the little kitchen dogs and seems to like rain quite a lot. i won't have a chance to do more intro's than that so weekend folks heads up....bear is only introduced to rain and the kitchen crew, he has not met anyone else yet.
bear is supposed to be a lab/rotti cross..the shelter thought he looked a bit like a could just be his not so great skin plus recent weight loss because of his diabetes..or..maybe he does have some sharpei in his mix. his current issues are..recent diagnoses of diabetes so he is not yet controlled, he has some skin issues that may or may not be related to his diabetes and poor health or maybe he does have an allergy component..not sure about that part yet. he may or may not have a mild case of demodex..i think maybe because his immune system is taking a beating right now we will treat him just in case because the odds are pretty good that given his health issues, demodex reasonably could be a problem. he also has entropian but that will have to wait for a surgical repair until he is healthy enough for his neuter. other than all of that, he is a perfectly good, slightly dented and scratched up, used dog with a really nice temperament.
welcome to saints yogi bear..and you are freaking darn cute!

anyway..i am kind of tired and sore. too old to be running around trying to catch baby rabbits with butterfly nets 2 days in a row. laura will carry the rabbit rescue mantle over the weekend because i am back to work.
hopefully those last babies will be caught quickly so we can climb out of the rabbit hole and move onwards to making their new life good.

laura...good luck this weekend! and may the (bunny or butterfly net) force be with you!!


Brenda Mc

Omg do crack me up with your description of being a ninja bunny catcher....good for you.
I arrived in Sarnia Ontario tonight...for 3 weeks, but had to check the blog a few times today so I can keep up to date with the goings on.....will miss everyone this Sunday.
Good luck Laura in catching the remaining bunnies🐇🐇
Hope Yogi Bear settles in quickly..