Rescue Journal

The Silent Screamers

Carol  ·  May 14, 2017

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bunnies..those cute little long eared creatures..adorable.
but they are the victims of fantasies whose underbelly is monstrous.

wild rabbits are brown for camouflage, with long, strong hind legs to run, bred for centuries in the wild with inborn survival instincts.
domestic rabbits are bred in tiny and barren wire cages, their waste falls thru to the ground to keep their coats clean and are every color under the sun. they have long ears and floppy ears, fluffy and short coats, they are bred to be cute and small. totally innocent, totally vulnerable, bred to be pets without survival skills.

they are basically bred to appeal to the human they can be sold. they are a product specifically bred for one reason make dollars and cents.
pet bunnies are bred by the millions in commercial bunny mills to be sold to pet stores and then to be sold again to consumers...nice people with mini vans who live in suburbia.
baby bunnies taken away from their overbred and physically drained mothers the second they start to eat on their own.
if mom can be bred again to get another litter in 31 days, she is bred. if she is too worn out to breed quickly again, she is dead.

baby bunny is shipped to the pet store.
the younger, the smaller, the cuter and more vulnerable the better, and the quicker they sell.

child sees cute little baby bunny in the pet store, mom and dad lecture child on the amount of responsibilty it will take to care for.
innocent child promises anything, everything, that bunny has touched his or her childish soul.
a cage, bedding, food and water bottle are purchased for $100-$200 and bunny is tossed in for about 20 bucks.

and at first it is a fairy tale, look how responsible the child has been, cleaning the baby, cuddling her, making sure she has food and water and toys.
but slowly it is not so exciting, slowly it just becomes hard work.
baby is growing and tries to escape being picked up and cuddled.
baby isn't so fun anymore, the cage starts to stink.
the parents start getting mad at the child for not keeping the promises made.
sometimes the rabbit is moved outside to a hutch all alone in the yard.
feeding and cleaning are few and far between and generally involve family threats and arguments. bunny is lonely, uncomfortably miserable, all alone in a dirty pen.
maybe she dies in that dirty lonely cage in 5 or 6 years..silently screaming in isolated and useless protest, year after year but nobody hears her.

or maybe she is boxed up and taken to a nice park with lots of grass and trees and flowers, here she can live her life free with the company of other abandoned bunnies.
but the males start raping her, day after day. they rape her even when she is pregnant or has brand new babes.
she gives birth to 10 in her first litter, but by the time the babes are 2 months old, 8 of them have died, picked off by coyotes, eagles and owls, chased to death by little children who are desperate to catch a pet baby rabbit or by roaming cats and dogs. but this is ok because mom just gave birth to 10 more so no one really notices the 8 who were dead. the few that survive will go on to breed relentlessly. it doesn't matter if only 2 or 3 from each litter survive, mom will breed more, and the female babes will soon be raped repeatedly themselves and slowly and slowly the numbers will climb while many more will continue to die. the original mom will be dead within a year or two, her body worn out by litter, after litter, sometimes 6 pregnancies and births in a single year. she is the only one who knows how many of her babies died before their first year.
and eventually she too will silently scream as her weakened body is seized by a predator, or simply silently fades away in the cold and rain.

the park go'ers and the neighbors love these sweet bunnies, it is such a lovely sight to see them frolicking in the field. they see the sweet fantasy, not the ugly suffering underside.

in about 5 years, the park will be over run with rabbits. the municipality will have to start culling to get the numbers down..just like Richmond, just like Kelowna, just like the campus at the University of Victoria.
hundreds of thousands of once cute and sweet little bunnies become the victims of mass murder...because a baby was sold in a store for profit. because the buyers eventually dumped her loose in a park. because instead of spaying the pet bunny and giving her a decent home, she was left to try to survive on her own....
as she screamed in silence that she deserved better.



i disagree...having watched edwina, our duck... hide in a nest for weeks to avoid sex crazed floyd...or female reserve dogs chased down by packs of unneutered males whether she is in season or not...having had in our care a stud bulldog, repeatedly hand masterbated at a vet clinic to provide sperm for breeding, and displaying severe signs of post traumatic stress symptons whenever he had to go into a clinic...and finally... as horrible as it sounds, it too is a terrible reality...i have met a couple of emotionally broken beyond repair dogs forced into bestiality acts by perverted humans.. just because an animal submits to greater force does not mean they consent. it doesn't mean that they don't care and any creature forced to repeatedly submit to a stronger force...have the emotional capacity to feel pain, helplessness, hopelessness...and those are the feelings of which scars are made.


Not really appreciating the use of rape here. Bunnies don't have the psychological capacity to be emotionally scarred by rape. It's offensive the way it is used here.

Lynne arnason

How do people expect these animals to survive on their own so sad how ignorant people r I will share and even if just 1rabbit is saved it will be worth it