Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 22, 2017

i really want to thank all of the staff and volunteers who worked thru this long weekend, the animals so appreciate your kindness, self-lessness and help!!
i am especially grateful to those super saviors who at the very last minute with only a moments notice, took on the huge job to empty out half of the shop for our rabbit area reno!
that was a hUGE job!

i haven't been posting because for some reason my computer couldn't access our site. luckily arnie got it up and running for me again so i am back!

happy to report that one of our long term bunnies, ray...finally got a great rabbit home.

very sad to report that tristie, one of my all time favorite spikey cats, at somewhere around 20 yrs old, passed away on saturday. dawn gave her a wonderful last few years of life. rest in peace tristie, you were a character for sure! hugs to dawn and hana in their loss of her.

we are still trying to tweak things around bear to keep him and everyone else safe and content. he is not making it easy, but if we only did easy, we wouldn't be saints. life, next rescue could have a different mandate...i am envisioning a new focus, name and place.... "Easy Street"...rescuing animals who are not a freaking pain!



Tristie was indeed a character....thanks Dawn for giving her a family

Brenda Mc

So sorry Dawn....I do remember Tristie because of her very pretty colourful coat.