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so this morning is the first day that i have a few seconds to....

Carol  ·  May 24, 2017


oh my freaking is only three weeks til the saints open house and there is so much to get done!!!

it was probably not a great time to start reno'ing the shop but vern had a few weeks free until his next big job and we need to0 corral vern whenever we can! and all of us have decided that our rabbits deserve bigger and better accommodations including an outside rabbit garden. since there was money left over from the fundraiser reno's..we decided to flip the storage and rabbit areas. now that the current rabbit area is mold and moisture free, it can become our food storage area...much more convenient to the house and mp building. and the bunnies can have a new home with twice as much living space plus a really nice outside play garden, they are going to love it!

i just added another thing on top of the hugely stressful work up to our annual open house. is the list of stuff that needs to get done...

the ASAP list

there is still 2 big storage shelves of canned food that need to get moved out of vern's way so he can start.
there are 2 large piles of pallets that need to go to the dump.
AND horror upon horrors...there is still a pile of stuff outside the shop under the tarp that has to go immediately!..why such a rush? because yesterday we discovered a nest of new born rat babies under there. NOOOOOO! i just could not kill them...i left the tarp pulled back with the babies exposed in the hopes that mom will move them somewhere that i don't know.
ignorance is bliss.

the please someone pick a project list...

wash all of the windows inside and out.
paint all the ugly yellow doors this really pretty and soft aquamarine. (it will look so pretty!)
while the painters painted the fences and facia boards...we still need to white paint the window and door trims.
mow and weed eat the yards, they are looking wild and uncared for.
spot wash and spot paint banged up interior walls and doors.
plus the usual de-junking and organizing of shelves.

ok taking a break from feeling freaked out to feeling happy and sad.

rain went home with sheila and leila yesterday.
happy for all of them...rain is their perfect dog and they are his perfect home...can't get much better than that.

sad? because i miss him...i really did love him.



Yay for Raine! Definetely going to miss his shenanigans in the barn with Rockstarr. I'm scheduled Sunday in the barn but can come help clean up the gardens on Saturday :):)

Brenda Mc

Omg....such great news re glad Sheila and Leila welcomed him into their home and hearts. He has been given a new lease on life with these 2 ladies. Thank you.
Bring on the Rain!

shelagh f

I am out tomorrow to cut lawn, ( i have been away for 2 weeks.)
I like the yellow, but will paint outside while the weather
Yahoo for Rain!