Rescue Journal

once a saint, always a saint.

Carol  ·  May 27, 2017

the last couple of weeks were down the rabbit hole...this week it seems that diabetes is the focus.

against all odds...diabetic rain got a great home. diabetic bear because of various behavioral issues, is stretching us to the max. today the sudden loss of diabetic duke, leaves an empty hole.

diabetes pretty much sucks.

and then there is zander.

zander has been out in foster care for the past several years. in January he was diagnosed with diabetes. in February he went into ketoacidosis, almost died and ended up in emergency. yesterday his sick and ailing foster mom brought him into the vets, once again close to death...his blood sugar results from the lab were 48.6...10 times higher than they should have been. it was touch and go but he made it and this afternoon, i brought him back to saints. zander needs close and careful monitoring and management of his diabetes. at this point, it is beyond the capabilities of his foster home.

i can't get him to eat tonight, i have tried everything from dog food to cat food to hot dogs to meat balls and cheese..he is not eating. i gave him his insulin anyways tonight because i know his blood sugars are still high and not near under control. not sure what i will do tomorrow. to get him over this hump, i hope i don't have to force feed.

once a saint, always a saint. there is not ever any excuse or problem too huge, that we won't be there for them again.
our animals can count on one non negotiable thing...if they need us, we will be there.

somehow i need to get zander to eat and we will work on getting his diabetes back under control.

when rain came in, it took weeks and weeks, just to get his blood sugars down into the teens. luckily we got him there before he lost his vision or crapped out his kidneys.
when bear came in, his blood sugars came down a lot quicker..he is in no danger right now of going blind or dying of renal disease,

zanders kidney function is not looking great, he has already lost most of his sight.
we don't have much time here to get him turned around.

wearing the worry hat for zander, please so we can move forward,
we are floating hope for you, good dog.


Lynne arnason

I hope he starts to eat he is very sweet and if anyone can do it it's carol and her awesome staff