Rescue Journal

it is all coming together...

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2017

i am telling you...we have the very best volunteers in the world. they showed up in muscle-ly force, let me boss them around and poof! freezers are moved. i allotted 2 full days for me to get that done and they had it covered and done in a few hours today. it is such a giant worry off of my plate. everything else left on my list is old wrecked lady safe...i am over the moon...THANK YOU!!!!

stella's bed seemed so empty and then finally for the very first time..tonight...enok laid down on a soft bed, and it was hers. he is sound asleep in her corner.

with every passing comes another in need....that is our never ending story.
i am happy that enok chose her bed to be his. stella was a gentle and sweet natured spirit and she really did love her bed. i think she will be happy that another sweet and gentle spirit finds comfort there.

what the heck is up with zander?...he is certainly feeling better but he is now making a mess. apparently his bed is a toy...he is smushing it up, scrunching it into a giant pile with all of his other linens and humping it (gross)...he likes making mountains out of it all but i prefer it flat and neat and tidy! plus i can do without the humping to the right of me too.
great minds do not always think alike!

well..the day is not over and there are some things that need doing in the house that i can do tonight.

thank you linda for the great job in the kitchen! i get to knock that one off my to do list too!!
and shelagh the yards look so much better!

it is all coming together...this is because we all come promote, to protect this special wrecked animals home.
saints is special...special animals, special humans..the perfect coming together.



I don't know if I verbalized it today. But I was thinking maybe Enok would like to have Stella's spot today.