Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2017

today there was just mo for a few hours to help and ali came by after work to help some too.
the staff have been trying to deep clean this week as they go but with their already full workloads, it is putting them behind and i don't like that because it affects the animals. i still have a lot to do so tomorrow, i will bring in an extra staff person to help me, and i have hired our friendly bobcat guy cuz i just can't face hauling wheelbarrows full of gravel.
normally i have 2 weeks of vacation days to get everything done for the open house, this year i only had one week which just hasn't worked out all that well.
live and learn and soldier on. next year i will give myself more time so it isn't so stressful.

the good news is due to some really hardworking volunteers..we got a lot of really important stuff done.
i have a few more things to do tonight like organizing linens and shelves but thankfully the windows and walls are mostly all done.

tomorrow i just have the shop, the entrance way walls to wash, the computer room door wire to fix and paint and the cold air vent to spray paint. i doubt i will be able to pull an all nighter friday like i usually do every year...i am just too worn out for that kind of crap anymore.

the open house is the most important of our annual events for me personally. it is the weekend where we pull out all of the stops, deal with all of the stuff that gets pushed aside during the rest of the busy year so we can put our best foot forward and really showcase the important work that we do here. there will be several hundred people walking thru here this weekend, i want them to like us, to value the work we do and i want them to really see and feel the value and the real potentials and possiblities in caring for senior and/or wrecked/special needs animals.

i probably stress myself out more than i need too, and maybe folks don't need to see the surrounding "pretty."
but i like it better when saints looks its best...
so maybe i will continue to stress myself out trying to make this old beaten up animal rescue farm look as special as it feels to me.

this week, it's OCD me.

caishen had her dental...because she is feral it was emotionally traumatic for her. but she is home now so that is good.
lilo (bunny mom) had her more babies yay!
tomorrow zander goes in for his glucose curve and marin goes in for her dental.
mario had his follow up appointment at boundry bay.
jaspar ended up at the vets, we missed his post dental re=check and he developed an infection. this was a grave mistake on our part and to ensure it doesn't happen again, from now on we will book the recheck appointments at the same time that we book their dentals.
it is important that we recognise when we drop the ball and problem solve a solution to prevent it from happening again.
i would like to say we are perfect but the fact of the matter is, we are human.

zorro from the far north is not coming to saints, apparently he has found a home in ontario so we are really happy for him.
dolly the cat with the injured leg that was supposed to fly in ealry this week has not made it to saints..yet. she took a turn for the worse and needed an emergency amputation in Smithers. she may come once she has healed from her surgery in a few weeks.

enok is doing well.
19 yr old conan is recovering well from his dental.
rio is doing ok for now.
bear had his very first bath, he had to wait til his eye stitches came out. he was a very good dog!

and the open house may be looming closer and closer every minute..but the regular day to day life at saints keeps trucking on day by day.



we had to re-do all of those windows due to dog slobber and dirty paws and the big dog room still needs the inside windows washed because they have been at them like maniacs too.

Lynne arnason

The computer and sitting room walls were already done last week and I had done most of the walls in the big dog room too I don't think I posted it I will finish off the big dog room Friday and I can do the entranceway


Rayne is getting his blood curve done tomorrow too. We will see if leila survives it.