Rescue Journal

my own dogs along with boomer and daisy have broken my heart.

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2017

it has been more than 6 months since the dogs ganged up on luna out of the blue. 6 months of peace and once again a solid family unit. last week she and pepper were playing, all was well in the family.
and then yesterday, they started getting excited, worked up and frustration became an element when they were locked inside for a few moments while some of the other dogs were let out for a pee break. suddenly it escalated and they re-directed on luna again and it became a pack up.

all of them were in on it...pepper, daisy, june, mystic and boomer...all of the dogs that i consider my family. all of the dogs who peacefully share my bed and my heart every single night and day.
they hurt her and luna was lucky that we were right there, it could have been far, far worse if we had not been here.

and i cannot get past what they did to her, what they could have done to her if we were not there.

my head knows how it happened, why it happened, my head even knows how to absolutely prevent it from ever happening again.
but right now my heart and my head can't forgive them. they betrayed their sister, they betrayed our family. they betrayed the complete and total love and trust i have for each of them and for all of them together.

i can't even look at them, right now i am unable to look at any of them with any kind of love....all i feel is luna's pain and my own rage and bitter disappointment over what they had done.

luna is going to heal but both she and i stand on the far side of a dark and disastrous chasm that has torn our family apart.

i don't know how we will come back from this but i know it will be hard.

love you luna..but the rest of you are fucking assholes right now.



All I can say is thank God u guys were there. My heart sincerely goes out to you, staff involved in breaking the brawl and of. Purse Luna. May she recover fast both mentally and physically. ❤


I simply cannot imagine how devastating this must be for you Carol.
I was working on a quilt for my daughter this afternoon and was thinking about this and wondered why Luna? I'm serious, especially since this is the second time. Is it because she is gentle and they know she won't defend herself? If she were simply a target of opportunity would it have happened to her twice? Or was it just because they can? My prayers are with you because I know this must be one of the worst times in your entire life.


So what if Luna was doted on and the only one allowed up on the bed and treated special... with the rest slept on the floor for a week; would that change her esteem within the rank and file and of recent, bad actors?

Linda Lemire

No words can express how bad i feel for Luna and yourself. I have been in that situation, but i found my girl dead.

Time will heal both of you to a point, but with me i lost trust in my other dogs, now even if outside for a min i either lock up or take little ones with me.


Poor Luna. Hope she's feeling better soon. It's incredible, given how many animals co-exist at Saints, that this kind of thing happens so rarely. It just shows, Carol, how well you know all their personalities, and how you're able to manage the physical areas they live in - which animals can interact well, which can't. Once in a while, there's sure to be a wild-card. Overall, you do an amazing job. Glad things worked out OK this time.

Lynne arnason

I'm here for u too and like I said if she needs company when no one is there I am glad to do it it is very heartbreaking when I left yesterday the tears came she must have been terrified at being turned on by her own family she is such a good girl

Anne Seward

No words can make it better Carol. Just supporting you with everything I have to offer right now and always.

Ian and Mary

So glad Luna will be ok, the pack mentality in dogs (and sadly many people) can be devastating......