Rescue Journal

rescue still sucks but whatever...

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2017

we are muddling thru this. pepper, mystic and daisy are being crated during high stress times (like when rotating dogs out for a pee.) i am keeping luna, june and boomer together but seperate from the other three. even tho june and boomer were involved, i know the other three were the ringleaders. june is palliative with kidney disease and i want her to be able to spend her last weeks on my bed, and boomer is at risk because he is so much smaller, should they re-direct on him one day, so he gets a pass for safety.

luna is dealing well with it all...unsure when going near the other dogs but her wounds are healing well. i tried keeping cones, and wrapped up towels around her neck to stop her from pulling out her drains but she managed to get everything off anyway. she is being good about not pulling or chewing on her drains so i am leaving her cone free and she is happier without them.
i am not as angry with them as i was and i am able to talk and stroke them in passing but warm and fuzzy feelings are still far away.

i am still struggling about uncooperative, has to be muzzled diabetic who totally sucks with dogs and cats. he resents both the muzzling and the injections and his body language is quite clear that he is considering a more violent response to both. with his multiple unfriendly issues in various ways, he is pretty much completely unadoptable. i just can't fathom keeping him locked up in the previous cat communal area for the next 10 years with basically a couple of walks every day.

i also discovered that the trust between daisy and me is fragile on both sides. i lost trust in her with her involvement in the pack up and she reverted to challenging me when i give her shit for launching herself in a fence frenzy because she sees another dog or an unknown human in the driveway. if i get mad at her when she doesn't stop when i tell her and make any move towards her, she is clearly going to retaliate against me. i really need the dogs here to back down when push comes to shove. i am not too keen on her launching herself at me and yet i can't let her keep aggressively throwing herself around.

big sigh...excuse my language but...fucking dogs.

the good news is...phoenix is out on a trial sleep over...fingers crossed that at least one pain in the ass dog finds a great home....somewhere else.



I hope Daisy comes to her senses as well.. She has come so far and is a really beautiful dog. She has such a soft and sweet side... but is still unsure as well. If I was a hermit and had no family or friends and lived in the woods by myself... I would definitely take her :P

Alyson N

OMG ! Phoenix is out for a sleep over. So happy for him. He's a super sweet dog down deep, and I know he'd be happy once he has his own domain. Good Luck Phoenix :)

Ian and Mary

Man, what a shitty day, hope they all come to their senses and get back to normal......obviously just an awful experience.