Rescue Journal

and life goes on while i try to find the right way...

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2017

new little blind 14 yr old JRT in..his name is Hyde. sweet dog, starting out in the laundry area (far away for my personal turmoil!) with little nicky for company.
hyde's owner is quite ill and needed to see his little friend settled and safe. he is settling in pretty well.

it is official, phoenix and his family spent a couple of days and nights out at my cottage which is neutral territory for phoenix and his new brother to get used to each other. everything went well, it was a good intro plan. we filled out the adoption papers yesterday and phoenix and his new family head home this morning. i don't think we could have found a more caring or committed and yet savy home..phoenix has hit the jackpot and we are so very happy for all involved!

we had a group of dedicated corporate volunteers here yesterday for a couple of hours. we got the new staff area in the shop painted up for the staff to take their breaks...they work really hard and deserve an at least basic lunch area space. the group also made a great start on painting the new stairs...slowly that shop reno is coming together.

kassa got stuck on the lino in the corner last night, i found her in a puddle of pee and diarrhea....poor, sweet, failing babe...she will need another difficult shower again today.


Lynda macdonald

Absolutely thrilled for Phoenix to finally have his own caring family, it's been along road for this dog and am sending so many thankyous and much gratitude.


Welcome Hyde, so sorry you are losing your loving person. Glad Saints could give him peace of mind.
OMG how awesome for Phoenix.....does a heart good to know there are caring families willing to give our special crew a 2nd chance :-)

Lenore Henry

That is such great news that Phoenix has found a new home - congratulations to his new family.

Thinking of Kassa - stay strong sweet girl.

Lynne arnason

I am sooooo happy for Phoenix he is a total love bug when he gets to know u this has made my day woohoo