Rescue Journal

say no to bullshit.

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2017

rescue is like a micro version of living in the whole wide contains all of the same things..good, bad, happy, sad, bravery, terror, heroism, cowardice, surety and doubt.
and this is because it is just another untidy corner of living life.

and this is why truth and honesty are so important.

we can't fix things that we hide or refuse to acknowledge.

personally, this is what i think is wrong with the entire world. when you fill the world with lies, with deceptions, no one knows what to believe or who to trust.
and so we seek to find comfort in fairy tales.
terrorists and the current GOP are perfect examples...their agendas and actions are not seeking to improve the world around is all about accumulating money and power.
and yet scores of people believe the lies they are spewing.

it happens in rescue too.
warm and fuzzy websites...heart wrenching stories of animal suffering and human bravery...all the while the animals are exploited for ego and money.

somehow as humans we need to develop not only the skills to determine true from false, we also have to have the strength to stand firm and refuse to accept being fed pacifying lies.

life is hard and at times it is ugly. dressing it up in flowers doesn't help anybody.
liars and cheaters exist because we invite them in and let them take over.
we abdicate our responsibility because it is easier to let someone else deal with shit.

that's all well and good if we choose someone honest and forthright. but if we keep being morally lazy and following the selfish, the twisted, the liars, the charlatens who put on a good show of pretending to be truthful....well guess who made the beds of deceit in this world?

truth and honor used to be badges we we settle for the best fairy tale.

say no to bullshit.


Lynne arnason

The thing I find the most hard is when people turn their backs on animal suffering torture and abuse they don't want to know about it they r happy n their own little world anything outside that doesn't matter I see it everyday it makes me sick