Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2017

sage is in at the vets. this morning she was having trouble breathing. she has had xrays which did show some fluid in her lungs, now we are waiting the blood work results. in the meantime she has been started on antibiotics is being re-hydrated. hopefully this is treatable and she can come home tomorrow.

i cut this evenings field run short..the mosquitos were eating me alive. i am hoping the dogs didn't notice that they kind of got ripped off tonight.

so many folks have chipped in some muscles and sweat in that shop over the past few is really coming together, once it is done, it is going to be great!!

red, a saints foster who was lucky enough to find a really great home, passed away this week. it was suddenly discovered he had cancer when he was rushed into the vets in crises.
rest in peace red, and big hugs to your foster mom.

buddy is hanging in...slower, less food frenzied, not so into playing with this anciently old, sweet, sweet dog.



Awe hang in there Sage! U r incredibly sweet and I'm sure nobody is ready to say goodbye yet. Sorry to hear also of the passing of your Red. :(


My thoughts are with Reds family. He was such a sweet boy with a great personality. Thank you for giving him the family and love he deserved.

shelagh f

Red was a lovely guy, as most big old orange guys are. So Sorry
you only had a short time with him. but thanks for taking him
Hope Sage is on the mend