Rescue Journal

a journey...

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2017

there is a difference between "a trip" and "a journey."

with a trip you kind of have everything planned out... A to B to C to D and then straight home again. you know what you want to do, to see, to accomplish and you plan your trip accordingly.

a journey is more of an adventure, more about discovery, of learning and experiencing.

rescue is like that..first you start out meandering along some well worn, familiar and comfortable roads. occasionally you take a wrong turn. you get a little bit curious and start taking some risks and exploring enticingly mysterious side trails. sometimes you find yourself in uncharted territory and you hope your inborn compass helps you navigate it safely.

there are times you are lost in the dark or surrounded by dangers and then suddenly you find a sun drenched meadow with a heart stopping view.

sometimes you wonder what the point of it all is and sometimes you feel like you just found the right answer to a question that's been plaguing you.

i don't know if all journeys end or if some just endlessly continue.

i guess i'll find out.

speaking of plaguing..that damn shop has been a thorn in my side for almost a dozen years.

along came a little sick and homeless rabbit named lilo who had some left behind babies who needed her.
the babies were found and reunited with their mother and suddenly we had more rabbits than we had room.
the shop was the only place left that we could attempt to reno.
it became a mind boggling disaster on all fronts as we started sorting and digging thru stuff.
i thought my brain would explode.
the shell of the new indoor/outdoor rabbit area is done..the final touches will happen over the next couple of weeks.
the shop's storage areas have been purged, revamped, and organized.
i walked in tonight and it is clean, open, with everything having an assigned place to live.
it felt incredibly good!
soon at least this shop reno journey will actually be over after 12 frustrating and painful years.
our rabbits will have a lovely and comfortably spacious new home and our storage issues have all found solutions.

we multi-task is never just one journey we are is usually many. the shop journey may soon be done but others are still being wandered through.
they say it is not about the ending but all about the journey...
not always true.

i am overjoyed to see the final light at the end of that damn shop tunnel and wished it could have happened 11 and a half years sooner!!

thank you to everyone who has helped with the shop....great job! great results!!

(if it gets messed up...i will kill and THAT will be a really shitty end of my many journeys!)


Lynne arnason

The shop does look great if everyone puts everything in the right place it should stat that way fingers crossed how is sage doing


Some of us were in the shop chatting on Sunday. I asked if anyone wanted to lay bets on how long the shop will stay clean and tidy. No-one wanted to go there, LOL! The Shop really does look fantastic, though, and the new bunny area is fantastic. Lucky bunnies.