Rescue Journal

foster saint sid has passed away (by erin)

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2017

Sid was 17 years old when he was taken to the local pound, surrendered because he was simply no longer wanted. Last October, that shelter contacted SAINTS, and Sid was transferred into our care. A few months later, he moved into Lisa's heart, and her home. Lisa and Sid only had about 6 months together. It doesn't seem like long compared to 17 years, but she was his true forever home. Sid passed away today, not a forgotten, lonely unwanted senior dog, but as a treasured part of the family. He passed peacefully, knowing he was loved, right up until the end. We are very sorry for your loss Lisa, we hope you take solace in the fact that you gave the gift of love to someone who needed it the most. And even in such a short time, it mattered. It mattered to Sid.


Lynne arnason

I'm so sorry Lisa Sid knew true love and passed with this in his heart

Lenore Henry

Sid was such a sweet little dog - thank you for giving him the home he deserved.


Thanks for loving him and giving Sid a home. How wonderful you are. How happy you made him.
Thank you.Barbara

Brenda Mc

Oh Sid...I sure remember you...and how happy we all were when Lisa took you home. RIP sweetheart. You were truly loved.