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foster saint lily has passed away (by erin)

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2017

Lily was one of those dogs that never complained about anything. She was charming, easily made friends with everyone, everywhere. Lily came to SAINTS in May of 2015, with one of the worst cases of glaucoma any of us had every seen. She must have been in agony, yet she was stoic and friendly. She had a dignity about her, like she knew things were about to get a whole lot better. Lily's eye had to be removed, she had to have dental work, had a heart murmur, needed all kinds of medication. All these things stacked up against her in landing a home of her own, but that's exactly what she did. After just one month in our shelter, Donna took Lily home. Donna adored Lily. Donna's brother Ken loved her too. Lily had it made. A few months ago Lily's heart problems got worse, and while she did really well for awhile, the meds stopped working as time caught up to her little body, and the decision was made to let her go. Everyone that met Lily, loved her, and we will all miss her, though none more than Donna and Ken. Thank you two, for seeing Lily for the truly fantastic girl that she was.


Lenore Henry

I am so sorry to hear that Lily passed away - she was such a sweet little dog. My sympathies to Donna and Ken who gave her a wonderful home....


Sorry to hear of Lilys passing. RIP sweet girl. Thank you Donna and Ken for loving her and giving her that soft spot to land.

Lynne arnason

Lovely lily you were indeed very sweet you were one of the lucky ones to have a great home and lots of love rip sweetie