Rescue Journal

the miracle dog.

Carol  ·  Jul. 10, 2017

buddy. brown buddy. big buddy...19yr old buddy.
a miracle no more.

Six years ago buddy and his buddy were picked up as strays. buddy was emaciated. his buddy was one solid giant matt.
the SPCA found the owners and told them the dogs had to see a vet. the owners refused and turned the dogs over to the shelter.
the owner told the staff that buddy was 13 yrs old. he was in such terrible shape that his age seemed reasonable.

so sick and elderly buddy was transferred to saints and we set about trying to get him healthy again. when he first came in, we called him skeletor because he literally was a walking skeleton.
we found out that buddy had an autoimmune disorder that affected the joints in his hurt so much to open his mouth that he couldn't eat and was starving to death.
we got him on steroids and pain meds and buddy started to eat...and buddy kept eating. eating was his VERY favorite to me.
buddy loved me. every bit of his loyal chocolab heart was laid at my feet.
for the first while no one was ever really interested in adopting him and after a few years, he was so happy and settled here that we made him a permanent sanctuary buddy.

so buddy has been our rockstar...he aged with us from 13 to 14 to 15 to 16 to 17 to 18 to HOLY SHIT! 19 years old. and he became our miracle dog.
until this year..when in the past couple of months, he has lost over 12 pounds. he stopped playing with his toys, he stopped running around like a moron, he stopped barking his fool head off for the next meal. and then he stopped eating.
and then he started vomitting.
and then we gave him anti-nausea medications and he started eating again...but not as much as he was.

19 yr old buddy can't live forever, but i want him to live as well as possible for now.
so we go off to the vets. and during the exam...lo and behold, buddy has an old tattoo in his ear.
one of the techs goes off to look up the tattoo, and buddy goes off for blood work and xrays.
and they found part of his intestines are looped way up over his stomach and we are wondering what is pushing them up there...a tumor?
the vet suggests an ultrasound. not doing an ultrasound on my 19 year old friend. not looking for something we can't fix, to put him thru it is not very fair.

interestingly enough that tattoo has shown that buddy is not 19, nor 18, nor 17, nor 16, nor 15, nor 14...he's not even 13..he is 12 years and 6 months old.
the owner lied to the spca to cover up that her 6 year old dog looked like a 13yr old because of gross neglect. she admitted that she had him since he was a puppy. and it looks like the originating shelter she got him from had him neutered and tattoo'd.

my mind is blown...buddy is 12??? he looks like he is waaaay older than that (he looked older than that 6 years ago!)...but i guess that's what a shitty early life did to must have been so very bad.
unfortunately i have been inadvertently lying to people regarding buddy's true age for the past 6 years. oh freaking yay.
and i apologise..i never thought to look into his tattoo. i am between a rock and a hard place...buddy looks ancient but he isn't ancient even if his body disagrees.
and i had already decided that buddy lives until he is 19.

sorry are getting the ultrasound. have been booted off my miracle dog list...
..............AND you are not allowed to die until you do really hit the miracle mark of 19....
you have to unmake the liar in me!
(and i want another 7 years with you.)
love you big goof.



God, I started crying in the car at the first sentence of this post Carol. So glad the outcome wasn't that he passed before I get to squish him again. He's simply amazing and here's hoping that we can find out what's causing the issues and help him through to some more time in the computer room. xxoo Buddy.


Wow that's crazy! I'm so happy Buddy has u all. And yes hope he lives that long too ;)
And glad Max got a home!!!
Miss u guys!


Ditto Ali. Buddy is the BEST dog ever and completely devoted to Carol!!


I was with Ali...i was waiting to read the worst. So happy we have more time with him. He is a total lovebug


Ali me too... I kept waiting and waiting for her to say he has passed peacefully..
Looks like he's a young buck now!! 12.5 is still old for a big dog! But you're right Carol, he's going to be an actual miracle dog someday ;)


I started crying at the miracle no more part cause I thought he was gone 😞
Wahoooo! More time with Buddy 💞


I'm so happy that Brown Buddy may get to keep on keeping on. He looks like such a sweetheart.


Yay Buddy! What a wonderful surprise for you Carol. Hope the ultrasound reveals something that can be fixed.

Brenda Mc

No matter what his age....he's still a miracle dog...everyone who meets Buddy, loves him instantly....and in this world...that is miraculous.
Love you Buddy!