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sage has passed away (by erin)

Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2017

Sage passed away today. She and her brother Maestro have been residents of our sanctuary for six years, and we expected her to be around for a long time yet. Something went wrong a few weeks ago, she was struggling to breathe. We rushed her to the vet, where she stayed the night and underwent a series of tests. Probably an underlying chronic lung issue, compounded by pneumonia. Many tests and medications were tried, but to no avail. Sage went into respiratory distress today, and we had to let her go. Sage's brother Maestro is palliative, he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Here we were worried about how she would take his loss, when now it is he that has to adjust. Sage and Maestro have been together their whole lives (read about how they came to be Saints here We lost a sweet, loving, beautiful cat today, and every one of us will feel the emptiness she leaves behind. Thank you Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital for everything you did for our girl Sage.

from carol..
i had forgotten how mad i was when i wrote that blog...6 years later i have better temper control. what that blog doesn't say is why sage and maestro never got a home of their own again. they both came in de-clawed and like many cats the de-clawing led to some pretty serious litter box maestro especially peed on EVERYTHING, all the time. we didn't want to split them up and since they were both happy here and no one wanted to adopt peeing cats anyway...this became their final home. maestro will pass in the next few months, sage has gone on before him....they are both sweet and absolutely lovely cats. even while she was struggling to breathe...sage never stopped purring, rest in peace sweet, sweet sage.



Wow hard to believe it was 6yrs ago.
Sage along with Maestro was always such a sweetie during tours, allowing all
the hundreds of people she met to give and receive love.
Will miss you beautiful girl......RIP


Oh my goodness :(
Safe definitely left an impression on my heart instantly. Wanting ur attention, laying on her back and pawing in the air. Too cute!
And of course Maestro is a gem too.
I read about declawing in the book 'Beg' by Rory Freedman and didn't realize how horrific it really is. I mean I knew it was cruel but never seen the after effects on them as ours or anyone I knew never had it done. Thank God!
Anyways I'm thankful Sage found you and Rest In Peace sweet girl!


This seemed to come on so suddenly. One day she's was there, then gone. Will miss that sweet girl. She was so gentle and loved her pets and treats. Glad I spent extra time with her on Sunday.