All the Dogs Are Going to the Ball (W4W)... What About the Cats?

Sheila  ·  Jul. 13, 2017

I was always the the kid that wasn't very athletic and not popular so always picked last in gym class so I always empathize with the cats because they are the over weight, non blonde, non cheerleader person at saints. Only 1/2 of the cats have been sponsored. Please help them (okay me) believe that they aren't the one's that never get asked to dance.

Click here Animal Sponsorship Sheet and place your name next to the SAINTS you are interested in sponsoring. Please type in a first and last name as we need the full name for the sponsorship card. The sponsorship is $25

Here is how to pay. (The link takes you to Canada Helps and it will issue you a tax receipt immediately)

1. Click on this link Animal Sponsorship Donation Just below the purchasing a ticket box there is a place to enter a donation.

2. Mail a check to SAINTS. 33860 Dlugosh Ave. Mission, BC V2V 6B2. Please mark your check with W4W sponsorship on it.



Thanks for the corrections. Portheos isn't a new cat he was one that was adopted a few years back and his guardian asked if she could sponsor him.


Charlie the Chicken and Wyatt the Rooster are on the list twice as well.