It is the Bunnies' Turn Now (W4W Fundraiser)

Sheila  ·  Jul. 14, 2017

Thank you everyone who sponsored the cats. Only 3 cats are looking to be loved... Maurice, Sunny, and Remus (oops I missed him yesterday)

There are 20 bunnies and only 8 need a sponsor cuz they would like to attend the ball also.

Below is all the info you need.

Click here Animal Sponsorship Sheet and place your name next to the SAINTS you are interested in sponsoring. Please type in a first and last name as we need the full name for the sponsorship card.

Here is how to pay. (The link takes you to Canada Helps and it will issue you a tax receipt immediately)

1. Click on this link Animal Sponsorship Donation Just below the purchasing a ticket box there is a place to enter a donation. The sponsorship is $25

2. Mail a check to SAINTS. 33860 Dlugosh Ave. Mission, BC V2V 6B2. Please mark your check with W4W sponsorship on it.



Ok thanks for the info and I will send a cheque sponsoring Remus soon.
I can't wait to hear when all the SAINTS animals get sponsored :D


Hi Nadine

This is a 1 time sponsorship for our W4W fundraiser in September.

Although I have tried to embed the link to the original post - it will not show when I click submit. Please go to July 11th and read the post on the sponsorship which explains how the sponsorship works.


Hi all!! For one I MISS SAINTS!!!!
A different chapter in my life has me busier than ever :/
I would love to come in the odd weekend when able and I would love even more to sponsor love bug Remus :)
I have to get some cheques but will send one for him as soon as possible.
I'm also assuming it's $25 per month?!