Rescue Journal

preaching to the choir

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2017

we have had several donkeys over the years...jack, jenny and amos. all of them were noisy little buggers, shrieking their heads off whenever they wanted something...which was quite a lot.

when ziggy came at one year old, he was little more than a babe. he hadn't learn to sing the donkey songs and i was bound and determined for it to stay that way. so the rule became whenever ziggy wanted something, get it quick before he started to scream. it worked, we have a very quiet donkey who has never learned how to sing.

this morning as renee and i are running the dogs, we walked past the barn and what do i hear? rupert teaching ziggy to sing. rupert gives off a good donkey roar, ziggy follows with what can only be described as a mildly loud little chirp. rupert tried to show him again and this time ziggys came out as sort of a donkeyish gurgle.
rupert was losing patience..."no son! suck in the air as hard as you can and then let it blast and soar like a canon...%&$#@(*&^%#$!! that!"
and ziggy tried again, he was getting better.

soon with some more practice, my silent donkey will sing the song of all vocal donkeys.
super annoying, oh freaking yay.

(however...they do seem to really like each other and rupert seems to be enjoying his job!)



I met the visiting crew yesterday..and takes me back to my childhood and I wanna say " can i keep them mom ? Pleeease. "
Such cuties and the current SAINTS were so curious of them. I hope that their real home is kept safe and soon this will be a memory of a great adventure for all of them.