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maestro passed away today (by erin)

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2017

Our lovely Maestro passed away today. He had been without his sister Sage for 8 days. My guess is that for him, it was 8 days too long. Maestro had cancer, we have known that for awhile now. He had an abdominal mass, inoperable. Palliative measures included pain control medication, but this afternoon Maestro clearly told us it was time. He was find Sage again, to go wherever we go from here. We will miss him terribly. Both cats have been at SAINTS since 2011, we were their forever home, and we are all luckier for it.



Awe that's sad news :(
Loved them. It's. Such sweethearts for sure.
Not sure if anyone has seen but there is a small heart in the black fur between the white. I know he's happy with his sister and all the other Saints beloved animals.

Lynne arnason

Rest in peace maestro go find your sister and be with her again


Loved both of those cats. Gentle and sweet. Maestro was alittle off last weekend, just laid around and didn't snack on as many treats as usual. There will be a noticeable hole with them gone.


Sweet Maestro......I remember back when you and Sage were dumped at the end of Saints driveway. Both of you were amazing cats! In my opinion Maestro was the #1 cat greeter during tours.....always there right at the door reaching out with his paw to welcome all in and then again reaching out to all not to leave, he needed more rubs. RIP handsome tuxedo boy.......

shelagh f

always sad with a loss, but I guess they needed to be together,
forever. RIP Maestro and Sage