Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2017

so much going on for me personally and for saints these past few weeks.

i am still having a hard time dealing with the loss of daisy, the re-homing of pepper even tho i know both decisions were inevitable. daisy was dangerous and pepper was unhappy.
for all that i say, over and over, that love is not enough, i don't actually really believe it..the child in me keeps asking..why wasn't love enough for them and the rest of my four footed family?. hurts.
anyone who thinks rescue is not full of regrets, of i wish's, i should have's, i want a do nutz....a good portion of the time, rescue freaking sucks.

little timmy had his neuro consult...not much to be done. he has partial facial and pelvic paralysis but he is managing very well. timmy has already found the perfect home. next week he moves in with his new family and his new mom just happens to be a vet. can't ask for better than that!

pepper is doing really well in her new home, she is back to being almost perfect.

june is sliding, her time is getting short. her loss is going to be another hard hit for me.

finally hyde is turning a corner, no vomiting or diarrhea today. he has a foster home once he is fully sorted has been a long struggle for him.

new cat in...huckleberry is an FIV positive cat with severe dental disease. he also happens to be a real sweetie.

zander is holding his own but he is still not healthy.

kyah will soon be allowed limited activity, i am sure she is really wanting out of that pen.

rupert, chewy, beanie, the 3 chickens (our guest fire refugees) are all doing well.

sparky the bunny, the other recent fire rescuee, will stay with us and he is booked for his neuter next week.

the new rabbit room is mostly done. erin moved the first group of 10 into their new communal pen. they are stressed, there has been some minor skirmishes. it will be a few days before we know if the group living will be a good success. we will move lilo's group in a week or two once the first group is well settled.

after almost 20 years of working in maple ridge home health, i have left and accepted a job in the mission home health office. it makes a great deal of practical sense...shorter shifts, less of a commute, savings on gas...and i will be working with a great group of nurses and clients in mission so i am excited about that. but i was sad to say good bye to my co workers and clients. i feel like i have left family...20 years is a long time, wonderful people, caring relationships.
it sucks feeling sad.



Congrats on your new job Carol. Sounds like after the initial settling in it will be a really good fit for you. Stay well!


I admire so much your drive, compassion and ambition to have Saints running. These animals are incredibly precious and I love that they have all of u.
Congratulations on being closer to home with ur new job and I hope to be able to come and help out again once things slow down a bit. New work schedule and out of town for me and tons of side home projects to try to tackle.
Miss u all and also glad for the animals that r getting fostered and adopted. :)

Lynne arnason

Congratulations carol on your new posting it will be much better for you here although it is hard to say goodbye to coworkers who were also friends happy to hear pepper is happy